Find card data Anywhere in your network

When was the last time you checked your logs for Card data? PCI DSS compliance mandates card data should not be stored in plain text format anywhere in the network. Manually scanning all the systems for PAN (Primary Account Number) is impossible and its a tedious task to track Card data flow in a network.

BOLT Data Discovery Tool helps you in identifying the exact locations where card data is getting stored and help you in securing them. You could also use the tool to define the scope for PCI DSS audit by identifying hidden systems/files where card data is getting stored.

BOLT data discovery tool

Key Features

Data discovery Flexible Architecture Network and Database Scans Unified Dashboards Bolt Data Discovery Tool helps in scanning
all the major card brands including Visa,
Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover
etc. You can also create your own RegEx to
scan sensitive information pertaining to your
business. BOLT provides both on-premise and
Cloud versions
One of the major requirement’s in PCI DSS is
evidence documentation as with any
compliance standard. BOLT Data Discovery
Tool has customizable and interactive
dashboards and delivers audit ready reports,
once the scan is completed.
BOLT supports all major Database’s, different
file types and a wide range of network devices
typically used in a PCI DSS related environment.
An exhaustive list of devices and software’s
supported can viewed here.
Flexible Architecture Network and Database Scans Unified Dashboards join to our team testing whole process blockchain

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