Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Certification

PCI-DSS is one of our favorite information security standards in the offering. Not only because it is one among the mature information security standards out there, it is evolving, community centric and its free for anyone to follow.

We love the way it is structured for the PCI-SSC has construed and implemented an immense technique for defence in depth, which helps implement security in all the verticals of an organisation. You could simply use the standard to incubate a thought blast information security program in your organisation, even if you do not store, process or transmit cardholder data.

Why Certify ?

Having PCI DSS Certification saves businesses from both monetary and reputational damages. This is because all the 12 requirements composed by PCI SSC ensures customers that your business is safe to operate and associate with.

The compliance certification efficiently keeps breaches at bay and saves an organization from multiple impediments. According to cybersecurity and payment card industry experts, it is advisable to invest in PCI best industry practices and assure adherence. The added need for doing a yearly recertification assessment allows a business to be at par with evolving cybersecurity threats.

However, getting such a valuable certification requires significant efforts from the businesses seeking it. It can be divided into three chief activities:

  • Adhering to all the 12 PCI DSS requirements and having evidence of the same
  • Preparing a report to explain this adherence
  • Getting validation from a QSA through observation of processes, configurations, and discussions.

PCI DSS Consulting & Implementation Support

The PCI DSS standard is intricate and felicitous and that’s where Crossbow Labs can be of assistance. Our team of Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) bring to the table their vast experience on payment card domain across industry verticals to make compliance easy for you. At Crossbow Labs, our methodology is our biggest asset when providing PCI DSS consulting and implementation support. We smartly divide our efforts to accomplish:

  • An initial scope assessment along with gap analysis
  • Provide security controls implementation assistance, and
  • Substantiate absolute adherence.

PCI-DSS Scope Formulation

Identification of all the system components, which store process or transmit cardholder data needs to be done, a lot before even reading the requirement one of the PCI-DSS. And to accomplish this we have a two-prong approach

  • System Scoping – Scoping the system components like applications, network devices, servers located within or connected to CDE
  • Processing Environment Scoping - People, Processes, and Technology handling cardholder data and sensitive authentication data.

Trivia: Here, network segmentation is used as a trump card to reduce the scope. It is done by isolating the cardholder data environment from the rest.

Reducing scope helps in:

  • Cutting down the cost of PCI DSS assessment
  • Decreasing the efforts in implementing/maintaining PCI DSS controls, and
  • Lowering the risk


Even the PCI-DSS standard promulgates network segmentation to isolate all the system components, processing cardholder data, from the system components, which do not process cardholder data.

PCI-DSS Consulting

Reading the PCI-DSS requirements will now start making more sense. Perform an assessment, which will compare the status of information security controls present in the organization with the PCI-DSS standard. Identify all the points, which need adherence to the standard.

PCI-DSS Implementation Assistance

There comes an all-or-nothing stage in the effort of achieving PCI DSS certification. And, this is when the implementation or correction of security controls make all the difference. For technical support we also bring in our Engineering team to play. Our Engineering team brings in the technical expertise for threat modelling, vulnerability identification and management.

Trivia : Did you know that PCI DSS compliance requires 100% adherence to: All the 12 requirements and 300+ sub-requirements of PCI DSS Level 1.

PCI DSS Training

PCI DSS is not a hop, skip and jump exercise towards certification. The true benefit of the PCI DSS standard, or any compliance roadmap for that matter, is when all the members of the service delivery chain truly understand their responsibilities towards customer data and bring that to work. Our tailor made PCI DSS training program can help you get started on a training program to cater to roles and responsibilities of the key players in your compliance roadmap. Our training program is designed to

  • Upgrade the security culture
  • Lower the likelihood of data loss, and
  • Make PCI DSS requirements easy to comprehend and implement.

Subsequently, you will gain real-world insights on best security practices implementation and know a QSA’s worth when validating PCI DSS compliance.

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