Cyber Security Assurance Program (CSAP)

Most cyber security, Compliance and Consulting offerings are tailor-made to Payments and related industries. With all the focus on securing payments, attackers have changed their focus to hijacking Data and Processing power from the host. Recent malware attacks such as Ransomware and Cryptojacking (using victim’s computing power to mine cryptocurrencies) are targeted across industry verticals and not necessarily on payment data.

CSAP is a proprietary, Cyber Security Assurance Program from Crossbow Labs with the intention to secure your DATA and RESOURCES from such attacks.


CSAP can help you in creating a robust Information Security program for your organization, regardless of which Industry you belong to. Crossbow can help you in implementing adequate controls to ensure you Data and Resources are secured from external or internal attacks.

We will do a comprehensive audit at the end of Implementation stage to ensure your infrastructure is secure. Audit reports and evidence documentation from CSAP program are designed to meet various Compliance standards and eases your workload to meet various regulatory compliance requirements.

Cyber Security Awareness and Training

The program is designed with an objective to secure your infra and and focus on People, Process and Technology. We provide awareness training and implementation training workshops to equip your teams to implement controls in a secure way


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