Cyber Forensics & Incident Response

Incident response is an organised approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or attack. In any incident, proper detection is paramount. Case studies have demonstrated the existence of intruders on computer networks for months, if not years without detection. Proper analysis and responding to incidents correctly can help limit damage, and reduce recovery time and costs.

Crossbow labs provide both proactive and reactive approach for incident response.

Proactive approach primarily concentrates on preventing and incident and preparing organisations for the adverse incident. Crossbow Labs provide expert guidance to organisations to plan and execute an incident response program to minimise the impact of incidents. This includes onsite consulting, response planning, reviews and audits, vulnerability assessments, action plan and training.

Where as in reactive approach we helps organisations in responding to incident. This includes Containment and Isolation, Root Cause Analysis, Attribution, Elimination and Remediation. Reactive approach uses a set of predefined processes to thoroughly examine computer systems using software and tools to contain analyse and remediate the incident vector while retaining important forensic evidence about the attack.

Crossbow labs help your organisation with all steps of effective incident handling. Our consultants are experts in incident response, digital forensics, malware analysis and countermeasures and had worked with organisations in all sectors to properly remove the current threat to restore business as usual.