PCI PIN Security Guidance

All might have heard about VISA’s PIN security compliance enforcement plan. Yes, from now on PIN Security compliance validation is a must for PIN Program Participants. Now, who is a PIN Program Participant?

  • PIN Acquiring Third-Party VisaNet Processor (VNP) – A third party VNP entity that is directly connected to VisaNet and provides acquiring PIN processing services to members.
  • PIN Acquiring Client VNP acting as a Service Provider – A Visa member or member-owned entity that is directly connected to VisaNet and provides PIN acquiring processing services to members.
  • PIN Acquiring Third-Party Servicers (TPS) – A third-party agent that stores, processes, or transmits Visa account numbers and PINs on behalf of Visa members.
  • Encryption and Support Organizations (ESO) – A non-member organization that deploys ATM, POS, or kiosk PIN acceptance devices which process and accept cardholder PINs and/or manage encryption keys (i.e., key injection facilities (KIFs)).

Worried about setting up your environment for PIN Security compliance audit? We can help you out.Our security professionals can help you implement the environment to meet PIN Security requirements and prepare you ready for the compliance audit.


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