System Hardening Standards

Hardening the systems in your organization is an important step in the fight to protect your sensitive data and information. Each and every day many systems online are compromised. The best defense against these attacks is to harden your systems. Attackers are lured by default configurations as most of the default configurations are not designed with security as the primary focus.

Hardening a system involves several steps to form layers of protection. So is the effort to make hardening standards which suits your business. You may be provided with vendor hardening guidelines or you may get prescriptive guides from sources like CIS, NIST etc., for hardening your systems. Would that be sufficient for your organization? To protect your systems, you must establish solid and sophisticated hardening policies in your organization.

Developing a hardening policy would be like chasing your tail. You may find it difficult to develop policies for configuring your systems. But if you let the grass grow under your feet, then it would likely be making your enemies the happiest people in the world. So don’t get delayed in getting it done. We will make them for you. Yes, you heard it right. Give us a glimpse of security practices that you expect from your staff and focus on your core competency. We will do the documentation for you.


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