Access Rule Review

A firewall is your organization’s first line of network defense. It is therefore important to safeguard your firewall and ensure that it is fit for purpose and delivers the optimum performance.

Firewall amasses hundreds of changes over the years, without a periodic clean-up and it slows network performance dramatically due to a complex set of firewall rules that are no longer needed.

Access Rule Review

the Firewall Rule Review can take the Security of your network Up a Level

Are you aware that,

  • unwanted traffic is flowing to your network?

  • unnecessary rules configured on firewall can lead to first step of intrusion to your perimeter of defense?

  • compromises can happen due to unused or insecure services or ports configured on your firewall?

  • Just by Conducting a Firewall Rule Review you can prevent all these things?

Yes, the Firewall Rule Review can take the Security of your network Up a Level.

In order to prevent the negative impacts, firewall administrators must frequently audit firewalls and change firewall rules and configuration settings by removing, consolidating, or reordering unused or rarely used rules, redundant rules, and shadowed rules to ensure security, availability, and optimal performance.

In addition, regulatory requirements and industry mandates such as PCI DSS require clean-up of unused firewall rules and objects. This can play to your benefit, because although business efficiency and security may be the ultimate goals, complying with regulatory requirements frequently opens up the budget.

PCI DSS require clean-up