Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile payment systems have become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of internet-based shopping and banking. Along with this evolution, a set of new threats has also been evolved to exploit the vulnerabilities present in new technology.

Threats are increasing and improving at the same time. Hence, the need for keeping the mobile payment application secure from threats and vulnerabilities is now greater than ever and is likely to be more critical later on.

Mobile payment application penetration testing can solve this problem to a great extent. Regulatory compliances also require Mobile Payment Applications to go through penetration testing at least once in a year.

Our experienced security professionals at CrossbowLabs performs payment application penetration testing manually which can expose many security issues that if done with automated tools are challenging to find out. In CrossbowLabs, the security posture of your payment application will be tested with the most advanced technologies and will be conducted in dedicated environments. Test will produce a detailed report on the security vulnerabilities exposed and the recommendations to fix the vulnerabilities.


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