Cyber Security Assurance Program - for Healthcare Industry!

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Author : Nivedita Sharma

What is Cyber Security Assurance Program?

Cyber Security Assurance Program is the brainchild of Crossbow Labs. It incorporates the industry’s best information security practices to draw a parallel on compliances applicable to your business. The program ensures that you have adequate security controls in place to secure both your data and resources from external as well as internal attacks. Thus, building a robust information security system for your business to thrive.

Why Cyber Security Assurance Program is important for your business?

Healthcare Industry deals with an enormous amount of sensitive data. With such a great resource, comes great responsibility of maintaining the privacy and the security of individually identifiable health information, also known as, Protected Health Information(PHI). The protection of such data is not only limited to its storage, but to the flow and processing of this information. Organisations’ commitment towards information security earns them credibility and make them fit for any compliance standards pertinent to their business type.

What are the common healthcare data security standards?


Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Title II) provides Privacy and Security rules for securely managing Patients’ Health Information. It sets standards for the use and dissemination of health-care information. Additionally, it draws special attention to numerous offences relating to healthcare and establishes penalties for violation.

HITRUST Common Security Framework lists an all inclusive set of baseline security controls that an organisation should follow to incorporate any new information security standards or combat security risks.

ISO 27001 / ISO 27799

ISO 27001 specifies a set of standardised requirements for an effective Information Security Management System(ISMS). It obliges an organisation to have all legal, physical and technical controls in place to address risks on information security. ISO 27799 is a compilation of best information security practices concerning health data. It also includes a list of threats to ISMS.

Challenges that will be coming your way

Challenges that we’ll take care of!

Documenting policies and procedures that guide your employees on their roles and responsibilities
Creating audit reports and documenting evidence to evaluate your compliance with information security standards
Reviewing your network architecture and creating an effective plan to redesign it from a security perspective
Generating awareness among your personnel via training and implementation workshops

Implementing formal risk assessment methods to measure the effectiveness of controls in place and the implementation of corrective actions
Reviewing the technology framework around electronic PHI and counselling on the implementation of safeguards

How Crossbow Labs champions the creation of robust HISMS?

CSAP - A wholesome information security framework

Cyber Security Assurance Program has been carefully designed to secure the sensitive data in your ambit from fraud, waste, and abuse while keeping in mind your business needs and objectives. The holistic approach of this program ensures a thorough analysis of everything that is in the scope of information security management system - be it people, process, or technology. Based on this, we develop a common methodology and technology approach to determine audit priorities and align assessment activities.

What makes CSAP perfectly competent to manage information security is its ability to be custom-made according to your business type. Therefore at Crossbow Labs, we start by understanding your business model, operations, and technology in place. Consequently, we revise our Cyber Security Assurance Program to suit your business needs and objectives.

We will tend to your information security needs, no matter which healthcare domain you belong to:

  • Healthcare services and facilities: Hospitals, Nursing, and residential care facilities, ambulatory healthcare services, Medical Practitioners & Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical Insurance, medical services and managed care: Healthcare consultants, Health & Medical Insurance, Medical Claims Processing Services, Medical Patient Financing
  • Pharmaceuticals & Related Segments: Over-the-counter Drug stores, Online medical stores

The Gap Assessment is an exhaustive process where we list out all the vulnerabilities existing in your information security framework, following which we recommend necessary legal, physical, and technical controls to revamp your HISMS. A comprehensive audit waits at the end of the implementation stage to evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions.

By documenting well-written business policies and procedures and imparting well-structured training, we empower your team to uphold the integrity of your information security management system.


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